Employee Deep Dive: Jessica Rätz — Taking Flight

Jessica Rätz

Jessica – a dynamic and determined woman on the team, with her caring nature as the Lead of People Operations builds up and holds the Inkitt team together. 

Jessica learns to take care of herself at an early age. At the age of 17, she decides to move into her own flat and stand on her own two feet. There she is at college, having just changed schools and working a mini job. “That was one of the most stressful phases of my life, but also one of the most formative.” 

While she has left the family nest, she continues to maintain close familial bonds and becomes more independent. She takes her younger brother under her wing and supports him to gain independence as well. This is the other side of Jessica — loyal and caring. 

It seems made for her that her first career stop is as a flight attendant – the woman who cares for others and at the same time has taken flight so early. But it seems she took this path by chance. After graduating from high school, she “criss-crossed” applications when her aunt saw a job advertisement at Germania. She applied there and was accepted. She worked as a flight attendant for almost one and a half years before she was called to take on new challenges. Flying remains a theme in her life, albeit in the background for a few years. 

But soon she will be flying again — and sitting at the controls herself.

She is taking her pilot’s licence and wants to acquire a licence for jets. She has been saving up for this and has set aside time from her work. 

Jessica is always looking for new challenges and is always on the move. In her life she has ridden horses, played football and handball, and trained as a bodybuilder. She currently trains in pole dancing. This suits the woman who relies on her own strength to leave gravity behind. 

Jessica’s life moves between air and earth, between autonomy and loyalty.

She can well imagine herself later settling down in another country and starting a family there. In England, perhaps. She has been there many times as she likes the country and the culture. Again, the wind can be felt tickling under Jessica’s wings. But this step in her life is still in the future. First, she has to get her pilot’s licence.

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