Changing the Publishing Game – One Writer at a Time

Do you want to learn more about how we uphold our stated mission of discovering talented writers and turning them into globally successful authors? Look no more! We present you a very special article this time, where we hear directly from some of our most successful authors, where they talk about how Inkitt has touched their lives and transformed them completely! 

Inkitt’s stated mission is to discover talented writers and turn them into globally successful authors. You’ll find these words on our website, and printed on a giant canvas in our office. If you ask any employee, they’ll eagerly point to the mission as one of their favorite things about the company. “I love Inkitt’s mission, and the fact that we are discovering talent and empowering talent. We get to help people make a career out of their passion, while building a community and a business that’s really needed in the world,” says Pavel Murnikov, VP of Engineering. 

Inkitt provides writers with an equal-opportunity platform and gives them a chance to make their dreams come true, whether that dream is to make a living from their art or simply to reach more readers with their words. “I liked the setup of Inkitt’s app and site. It was user-friendly and completely oriented around the reading. The number of readers my story received floored me. Inkitt has also allowed me to reach a bigger audience to tell any other stories I choose to write,” says Bianca Alejandra Franco, author of The Alpha’s Call. This stay-at-home mom of four first put pen to paper as a way to relax and was pleasantly surprised when her story became a fan favorite. 

Inkitt writers have diverse backgrounds, interests, and talents, but they are all are united by their desire to tell stories and to have those stories reach readers. 

Born in Odisha, India, author Soumiya Seemran Sahoo comes from a long line of engineers. While pursuing her own engineering degree, she wrote her award-winning book, titled The Arrangement, on her Android phone using the Inkitt App. Her book became an Inkitt fan favorite, and soon earned her a publishing contract with GALATEA. While Soumiya’s success as an author was unexpected to her, she’s eager to continue her writing career and has several new tales in the works.

South African author, Katlego Moncho, lasted two years as a financial planner before she left the corporate world to pursue a full-time writing career. “Writing is just something I know I’m meant to do with my life.” Due in part to her successful publishing career with Inkitt, Katlego is able to make a living doing what she loves.

Sapir Englard is currently studying Electronic Production & Sound Design at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, and is due to graduate in the Spring of 2022. As a music student, and one of Inkitt’s most successful authors, she’s able to pursue both of her artistic passions while she helps define a new era in storytelling. Her best-selling fantasy romance, The Millennium Wolves, is a GALATEA blockbuster. Thus far, it has been one of the platform’s most-read stories.

For Kimi Lynn Davis, her success as an Inkitt author is helping her achieve lifelong personal and educational goals. Born in Pakistan, she currently lives in the United Arab Emirates and will soon be working toward an advanced degree. “After getting my Baccalaureate, I’d saved enough money, thanks to Inkitt, to achieve my dreams of studying abroad. I intend to pursue a Masters and PhD in Neuropsychology. Inkitt has truly given me financial security. I am able to pay for my education and get closer to achieving my dreams.” 

Some Inkitt writers had full, satisfying careers before the creative bug bit, as was the case for Michelle Torlot. Three years ago, Michelle decided to retire early from her IT job in order to spend more time with her show dogs. When she tragically lost one of her beloved pups, she found solace in writing. What began as a comforting hobby unexpectedly turned into a wildly successful second career for this UK based author, thanks to Inkitt.

After almost thirty years in law enforcement investigating crimes, Australian author Steve Gee tried his hand at writing crime fiction, but early attempts to pitch his novels to traditional publishers met with disappointment. “I tried my hand at submitting some of my earlier manuscripts to various publishing houses, without any success. In fact, most publishers failed to even acknowledge my submissions. The lack of acknowledgement or feedback certainly challenges one’s confidence.” Now, Steve has eleven books in the mystery/thriller genre, all published on Inkitt, with five of his stories in production on GALATEA. 

The traditional publishing industry, with its gatekeeper model, tends to keep aspiring writers out. Inkitt welcomes them in. With a platform open to all, it’s the first reader-powered book publisher, and it’s changing the publishing game – one writer at a time. You can download Inkitt or Galatea on your smartphone and discover our platform!

Join us on our mission and start the next chapter of your career with us! We are looking forward to your application. 

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