Break the Bias! Celebrating International Women’s Day.

International Women's Day - March 8

Let’s Break the Bias! 

In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to contribute to a world that is inclusive, equitable, and free of bias. We strive to implement these values not only in the workplace but also in our neighborhoods, in our homes, and in our online communities. 

At Inkitt, 45% of our team identify as womxn.  

One of our team’s core values includes striving for self-development, by setting high goals for skills we want to achieve and by constantly developing ourselves to become better. This includes educating ourselves and empowering our peers to fight for equal treatment and freedom of expression in safe and healthy environments, thus eliminating gender bias.

We asked multiple womxn on the team, 

“What does #self-development mean to you?”


“Self-development to me means always trying to improve myself, in work and personally. I like to always find new ways to challenge myself in work and listen to feedback from my team so that I can grow as a leader. Personally it means finding ways to improve my work-life balance, trying new hobbies and reading more!”

Aobhe Smyth, Head of Customer Experience


“Following my curiosity outside of my job.”

Sophie Yurkoski, VP Content Strategy & Analysis


“For me, constant self-development means that I outgrow myself and always challenge myself. It also means that I “enjoy” the trust of others and receive support if I need it.”

Jessica Rätz, Lead of Operations People 


“Self-development is about finding gaps in my knowledge, and taking proactive steps to fill in those gaps in order to shape me into the best possible version of myself. It’s about being world-class in my field and making sure I never stop growing & learning.”

Emma Tonner, Chief Innovation Officer


“The act of bettering yourself; by learning, by doing, by caring about others while simultaneously realizing you will never “finish.” Self-development (should) only end when your life does.”

Heather Henderson, Executive Assistant to the CEO


“Being intentional in my pursuit to be “better” by actively understanding and learning from past mistakes, practicing self-forgiveness, and seeking out views and knowledge that I do not already possess. The improvement of my emotional and academic intelligence is at the core of my current self-development journey.”

Chloe Wainwright, Social Media Manager


“For me, self-development is as simple as wanting to be more–to conquer things that intimidate me and strengthen qualities I admire in others. I think a really big part is recognizing that our identities aren’t solidified unless we give them permission to be–that we always have the option to evolve–and we just have to get a little curious and find the right tools.”

Rita Halle, Product Marketing Manager


“Dreams, mindset, independence, DIY, focus, self-reflection, interpersonal intelligence, problem-solving.”

Laura Martinez, Working Student in People Operations


“Always learning, growing, and seeking opportunities to evolve my thinking on and about things and people.”

Georgia Wohl, Editorial Director


In addition to our work culture, we also strive to give every author an equal chance to succeed. Let’s break down systemic barriers and provide platforms for gender equality to exist for the future generations!


What does self-development mean to you? 


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